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u12 Girls Indoor League 2017


League : Phoenix Indoor u12                                                                                                                League Table

Coach :  Jim Donaldson

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Charlton Kings CC – u11

Frampton on Severn CC – u12

Bristol Phoenix CC – u12

Dumbleton CC – u12

Bristol YMCA CC – u12











Season round-up


League Champions for the first time!

I approached the fifth ‘Girls Indoor League’ Programme of five matches over three Sunday afternoons with the same philosophy as I have used in previous years, ‘Get as many Girls as are available playing as much as possible, with a priority for the ‘older ones’ (as the ‘younger ones’ will have more chances in the future), as practice for the season ahead’. The outcome was that no less than 14 different Girls played in these five ‘Eight a side’ matches, and what a credit they were to themselves and Frenchay! We had organised some indoor practice sessions at Fairfield School in conjunction with Rich Walsh and the U15’s, who have their own Indoor Competition, and the majority of the Girls were able to come despite it being such a busy time, which clearly paid dividends.

The Results above show that after two close matches, the Girls really looked to force the pace by taking the games to the opposition. I was particularly impressed by the use of ‘Quick Running’, ‘good calling’, sound catching, ‘straight bowling’ (seven wicket taken – @ 5 ‘bonus’ runs each’- in both of the last two matches secured those wins), and really impressive ‘fielding’ particularly in the last match against strong opposition.

I decided that ‘Leadership’ was paramount, and asking Rachel le Poidevin to Captain the Team in each match proved key. Rachel led from the front, and in each match, jointly with the girls playing, she selected the Batting and Bowling orders, organised the fielding positions, and generally ‘ran’ the team. Aside from Rachel, only Lilia Payne played in all five matches, and that was because of a late withdrawal. Notably, Jemima Smith (5) was leading wicket taker, followed by Cara Howell and Evie Patterson (4), with Rachel (51) leading Batter closely followed by Lilia (48) and Lily Bowering and Evie (40). The Squad was Rachel, Lilia, Lily, Evie, Jemima, Cara, Lottie Nunley (Wkt), Charis Oram, Ester Green, Ellie Donaldson, Becca Whone, Jenny Harvey, Lexi Thomas Hunt, Lily Moss and Poppy Rickwood.

All in all, very sound performances, with the justifiable reward of finishing ‘First’. Very proud of all these Girls for their commitment, learning process, support for one another, and sheer effort. ‘Team Spirit’ was key! Looking forward to helping all of them continue with their individual cricket development in the season ahead.