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Glos 2017 winter squads

Congratulations to everyone who has been selected for various squads this summer. This is a great confirmation of youth cricket at Frenchay CC.


The squads are as follows


Stroud & S Glos District u12 Squad

Lewis Moss

Stroud & S Glos District u13 Squad

Tim Dobinson

Glos County u14 Squad

Joe Moss


Glos u11 Squad

Ellie Donaldson

Jemima Smith

Lilley Moss

Glos u13 Squad

Rachel Le Poidevin

Isobel Patel

Evie Patterson

Isabel Richards

Glos u13 Development Squad

Fiona Plenty

Glos u15 Squad

Molly Bliss

Katie Padfield

Amy Patterson

Sarah Walsh

Glos u15 Squad

Harriet Sylvester

Glos u17 Squad

Ellen Harris

Maddie Hughes

Maisie Hunkin

Georgina Hunt

Naima Milhofer

Natasha Wraith