League Fixtures – Week 15

WEPL – 1sts v Winterbourne 1st XI              (Home)

B&D –  St Mary Redcliffe v 2nds     (Away)

                3rds v Winterbourne 4th XI              (Home)

               Brislington 4ths v 4ths        (Away)

               Frampton Cotterell 3rd XI v 5ths        (Away)


League results Week 14

More rain !!!!  All games cancelled……..boo

GCF u11 Finals Day

Good luck to  our u11 Girls in the GCF under-11 Hardball Finals Day being held at The Park Cirencester, 10 am start.

League Fixtures – Week 14

WEPL – Brislington 1st XI v 1sts              (Away)

B&D –  2nds v Blagdon 1st XI    (Home)

                Bitton 2nd XI v 3rds              (Away)

               4ths v Bristol 4th XI       (Home)

               5ths v St MAry Redcliffe 3rd XI        (Home)


League results Week 13

1st team lost to Bristol by 8 wkts (Tyrone Isitt 77)

2nd team beat Chilcompton Sports by 156 runs (Will Stabb 122, Dan Evans 68, Jamal Khawaja 4-28)

3rd team beat Bohemians by 1 wkt (Akshat Krishna 53)

4th team beat Hanham by 7 wkts (Sherry Joseph 52 no)

5th team beat Backwell Flax Bourton by 166 runs (Jack Evans 67, Sam Davis 62, Chris Davis 51)

6th team lost to Downend by 3 runs (Josh Goddard 52, Anmol Krishna 51)

League Fixtures – Week 13

WEPL – 1sts v Bristol 2nd XI              (Home)

B&D –  Chilcompton Sports 1st XI v 2nds    (Away)

                Bohemians 2nd XI v 3rds                   (Away)

               4ths v Hanham 3rd XI       (Home)

               Backwell Flax Bourton 3rd XI v 5ths        (Away)


League results Week 12 – Total Washout Boo !!!!

1st team against BWI Phoenix cancelled

2nd team against Winterbourne cancelled

3rd team against Downend cancelled

4th team against Golden Hill cancelled

5th team against Lodway cancelled

League Fixtures – Week 12

WEPL – BWI Phoenix 1st XI v 1sts              (Away)

B&D –  2nd v Winterbourne “A”    (Home)

                3rds v Downend 3rd XI                   (Home)

               Golden Hill 6th XI v 4ths       (Away)

               5ths v Lodway 3rd XI         (Home)


League results Week 11

1st team against Bath cancelled

2nd team against Long Ashton cancelled

3rd team beat Portishead by 7 wkts (Kamran Randhawa 74 no)

4th team against Patchway cancelled

5th team against Bristol Sri Lankans abandoned

League Fixtures – Week 11

WEPL – 1sts v Bath 2nd XI             (Home)

B&D –  Long Ashton 1st XI v 2nds    (Away)

               Portishead 2nd XI v  3rds                   (Away)

               4ths v Patchway 2nds      (Home)

               Bristol Sri Lankans 2nd XI v 5ths         (Away)


League results Week 10

1st team against Knowle abandoned

2nd team against Barrow Gurney cancelled

3rd team against Bradley Stoke cancelled

4th team lost to Alveston by 2 wkts  (Harry Hussey 55, Krishna Chand 4-18)

5th team lost Golden Hill by 9 wkts

League Fixtures – Week 10

WEPL – Knowle 1st XI v 1sts             (Away)

B&D –  2nds v Barrow Gurney 1st XI    (Home)

               3rds v Bradley Stoke 3rd XI                   (Home)

               Alveston 2nd XI v 4th XI      (Away)

               5th XI  v Golden Hill 7th XI         (Home)


League results Week 9

1st team lost to Twyford House by 92 runs (Jacob Cumming 92,Rishabh Singh 4-53)

2nd team beat University of Bristol Staff by 7 wkts (Reece Bevan 51).

3rd team beat Golden Hill by 107 runs (Joe Redgers 134 no,Akshat Krishna 74, Rachel Le Poidevin 4-29).

4th team lost to Chipping Sodbury by 75 runs (James Phillips 6-26)

5th team beat Bristol Lions by 1 wkts

6th team lost to Chepstow by 2 wkts (Simon Jones 59)


League Fixtures – Week 9

WEPL – Twyford House 1st XI v 1sts             (Away)

B&D –  2nds v University of Bristol Staff 1st XI    (Home)

               3rds v Golden Hill 4th XI                   (Home)

               Chipping Sodbury 4th XI v 4th XI      (Away)

               Bristol Lions 2nd XI v 5ths         (Away)

Friendly – Chepstow 4th XI v 6ths       (Away)


League results Week 8

1st team lost to Congresbury by 1 runs (Jacob Cumming 3-12,Rishabh Singh 5-29 inc Hat Trick

2nd team beat Congresbury by 8 wkts (Will Stabb 81 no).

3rd team beat Lodway by 18 runs (Joe Redgers 112, Dan Thorne 56).

4th team beat Bristol United Banks by 70 runs (Mohsin Choudhry 85),

5th team beat Hampset by 5 wkts (Jack Evans 73, Luke Sagar 75 no).

Rishabh hat-trick bowl.

League results Week 7

1st team beat Bedminster by 176 runs (Jacob Cumming 100,Alex Stell 4-16).

2nd team lost to Bristol by 5 runs (Will Stabb 122, Harangaddeep Singh 67).

3rd team lost Wrington by 26 runs (Sam Pine 77).

4th team lost to Coalpit Heath by 7 wkts (James Phillips 68 no),

5th team beat Bradley Stoke by 7 wkts (Sherry Joseph 86).





League Fixtures – Week 7

WEPL – 1sts v Bedminster 2nd XI             (Home)

B&D – Bristol 3rd XI v 2nds                          (Away)

               3rds v Wrington 1st XI                   (Home)

               Coalpit Heath 3rd XI v 4th XI      (Away)

               Bradley Stoke 5th XI v 5ths         (Away)


Defeat in Tony Hitch Knockout Cup

We suffered a 33 run defeat to Cleeve in the Tony Hitch Cup. We fought hard against a team higher in the B&D. Freddie Bower took 4-39 and Akshat Krishna scored 37 in our reply.

Womens XI lose in high scoring WEPL game

Our Womens XI went down to Taunton Deane by 55 runs in a game that produced 513 runs. Sally Phelps 42,Ellie Donaldson 31.

League results Week 6 – All teams victorious

1st team beat Winterbourne by 6 wkts (Alex Stell 4-45, Tyrone Isitt 62 no).

2nd team beat St Mary Redcliffe by 188 runs (Dave Busby 83, Dan Evans 5-12).

3rd team beat Winterbourne by 9 wkts (Akshat Krishna 54, Joe Redgers 90no).

4th team beat Brislington by 142 runs (Mohsin Choudhry 79, James Phillips 52, Hasnain Asif 50no,Charis Oram 4-20, Phil Brocklehurst 4-43),

5th team beat Frampton Cotterell by 5 wkts (Justin Evans 5-29).