League Fixtures – Week 6

WEPL – Winterbourne 1st XI   v 1sts             (Away)

B&D – 2nds v St Mary Redcliffe 1st XI            (Home)

               Winterbourne 4th XI v 3rds              (Away)

               4ths v Brislington 4th XI          (Home)

               5ths  v Frampton Cotterell  (Home)


WEPL  Taunton Deane 1st XI v Womens 1st XI (Away)


League results Week 5

1st team lost to Brislington by 7 wkts (Tyrone Isitt 46).

2nd team beat Blagdon by 66 runs (Adarsh Appannagari 63).

3rd team beat Bitton by 9 wkts.

4th team beat Bristol by 7 runs.

5th team lost to Weston-Super-Mare by 10 wkts (Luke Sagar 75).




League Fixtures – Week 5

WEPL – 1sts v Brislington 1st XI                (Home)

B&D – Blagdon 1st XI v 2nds            (Away)

               3rds v Bitton 2nd XI              (Home)

               Bristol 4th XI v 4ths          (Away)

Friendly – Weston-Super-Mare v 5ths  (Away)


Womens XI win their WEPL debut

Congratulations to our Womens XI who beat Golden Hill women in their debut WEPL league match by 8 wkts. Rachel Le Poivedin took 4-13 and Emily Austen took 4-13. In the run chase Ellie Donaldson was 36 no.

League results Week 4

1st team lost to Bristol by 5 wkts (Rishabh Singh 85, Tyrone Isitt 105 no).

2nd team beat Chilcompton Sports by 61 runs (Reece Bevan 108).

3rd team beat Bohemians by 6 wkts (Rachel Le Poivedin 3-15).

4th team beat Hanham by 14 runs.

5th team lost to Backwell Flax Bourton by 7 wkts (Sam Davis 86).




League Fixtures – Week 4

WEPL – Bristol 2nd XI v 1sts                (Away)

B&D – 2nds v Chilcompton Sports 1st XI     (Home)

               3rds v Bohemians 2nd XI     (Home)

               Hanham 3rd XI v 4ths          (Away)

              5ths v Backwell Flax Bourton 3rd XI      (Home)


League results Week 3

1st team lost to BWI Phoenix by 7 wkts.

2nd team beat Winterbourne by 7 wkts (Will Stabb 92 no).

3rd team beat Downend by 2 wkts.

4th team lost to Golden Hill by 8 wkts (James Phillips 63 no).

5th team beat Lodway by 3 wkts (Jonathan Bluff 4-45, Jack Evans 64).



League Fixtures – Week 3

WEPL – 1sts v BWI Phoenix 1st XI     (Home)

B&D – Winterbourne A XI v 2nds       (Away)

               Downend 3rd XI v 3rds             (Away)

               4ths v Golden Hill 6th XI          (Home)

               Lodway 3rd XI v 5ths                 (Away)


League results Week 2

1st team lost to Bath by 22 runs (Mike Donaldson 41).

2nd team beat Long Ashton by 3 wkts (Adarsh Appannagari 4-16, Reece Bevan 85 no).

3rd team beat Portishead by 9 wkts (Akshat Krishna 3-6, Joe Redgers 45 no, David Busby 46no)..

4th team beat Patchway by 34 runs (Hasnain Asif 51).

5th team lost to Bristol Sri Lankans by 3 runs (Dom Stuckey 3-9,Luke Sagar 56).



League Fixtures – Week 2

After a complete washout last week we go again.

WEPL – Bath 2nd XI v 1sts                        (Away)

B&D – 2nds v Long Ashton 1st XI        (Home)

               3rds v Portishead 2nd XI          (Home)

               Patchway 2nd XI v 4ths             (Away)

               5ths v Bristol Sri Lankans 2nd XI   (Home)

Good luck to the 5ths on their league debut. Just need the weather to co-operate !!!

League Fixtures – Week 1

Here we go. League cricket is back.

WEPL – 1sts v Knowle 1st XI                    (Home)

B&D – Barrow Gurney 1st XI v 2nds    (Away)

               Bradley Stoke 3rd XI v 3rds       (Away)

               4ths v Alveston 2nd XI                 (Home)

               Golden Hill 7th XI v 5ths            (Away)

Good luck to the 5ths on their league debut. Just need the weather to co-operate !!!

Club Friendlies

Despite the great efforts of club members at Get Ready Day and the endless work of our wonderful ground crew the first friendlies on Saturday have fallen foul to the deluge of rain we have suffered lately.

Better luck over the next 3 weeks. Fixtures can be found on our play cricket site.

Get Ready Day Saturday 25th March

With the season fast approaching the club will be having its GET READY DAY on Saturday 25th March. Please can you help out on Sat 25/3 to get the ground and equipment ready for use. All help gratefully received.

Code of Conduct

The new season is fast approaching. Our codes of conduct have been updated. Please take some time to look at them under documents. They are for the benefit of everyone at the club.

FCC Club Dinner 8th October – Lets Celebrate

1st Team Champions of Senior Division B&D

By defeating Coalpit Heath the 1st team are promoted to WEPL as Champions of the Senior Division of the B&D.

Congratulations to everyone who has played this year.


2nd Team Champions of Division 5 B&D

By defeating Hanham and favourable results elsewhere the 2nd team are promoted as Champions of Division 5 of the B&D.

Congratulations to everyone who has played this year.


3rd Team promoted from Division 10 B&D

By defeating Stapleton the 3rd team are promoted from Division 10 of the B&D.

Congratulations to everyone who has played this year.

League results Week 18

1st team beat Coalpit Heath by 7 wkts (Paul Burgess 4-8, Alex Stell 5-21, Praful Waghela 51 no). 2nd team beat Hanham by 7 wkts. 3rd team beat Stapleton by 147 runs (Joe Redgers 95, Will Stabb 73) .

In Friendly action 4th team beat Rockhampton by 63 runs (Krishna Chand ret 51no, Oliver Hambley ret 52 no, Ayyoob Hussain 5-38).

League cricket week 18 -end of the season

The 1st team are away to Coalpit Heath 12.30 pm start. The 2nd team are home to Hanham 1.00pm start. The 3rd team are home to Stapleton 1.00pm start.

Teams can be found on our facebook and twitter pages.