Fantastic Funding News


Great news of Four Funding Awards given to the club in the past month.

Two have been awarded through the South Gloucestershire Council S106 ‘Capacity Improvement Funding’ regime, in this case following ‘Development at Bristol Parkway’.

1.       £7388.60 comprising a new Bowling Machine, a new ‘Mobile net’, and a new ‘Wooden Pole ‘Moveable’ Net Bay/Fence’ system. (as the Photos above);

2.       £10,913 as ‘match funding’ to the ‘Sport England Grant’ to improve the Drainage of the ‘Main Pitch’ at Frenchay;

Two have been given to us courtesy of the Frenchay and Stoke Gifford (South Gloucestershire) Ward Councillors through their (new) ‘Members Awarded Funding’ Programme.

1.       £540 by Cllr Trevor Jones to assist with the Publicity involved in the new ‘Frenchay Sport Family Open Day’ being held by the six local Sports Clubs at Frenchay on 22nd April;

2.       £410 by Cllr Bob Pullin to assist with the works to create a ‘temporary conversion’ of the former ‘Pool Table area’ into a ‘Female Changing Area’ when required.